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Simon & Maren, I watched the video and...

  • YES, I want to feel confident at work and at home

  • YES, I want to have a positive impact and know that I matter

  • YES, I want to make a difference

  • YES, I want to have a renewed energy and joy as a leader

  • YES, I want to feel balanced

  • YES, I want to elevate my leadership skills to the next level

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What leaders like you are saying...

"The (coaching) has been inspirational to my team as it first helped them understand who they were and what may be holding them back.  Once that foundation was built then real-life concepts were introduced to help them with everyday leadership situations such as crucial conversations, building trust, and utilizing the mirroring technique to ensure staff feel heard and valued."

A. Gustafson - CEO, Adoray

"Simon gives good advice and resources to utilize to help improve your ability to self regulate and communicate effectively with others. EQ material is very helpful and applicable to all aspects of life, not just professionally."

B. Midboe - Anesthesiologist

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